Adopt A Teen Father

Why Should I Adopt a Teen Father to Help

Keep Him in an Open Door Program for One Year?



Most young fathers are not taking responsibility for their children because it is too overwhelming and they are afraid of failure! 


Young fathers are not equipped to be the provider and protector of their children, leaving them vulnerable.


Without intervention, most young fathers will have more children out of wedlock due to lack of accountability.


Higher education or program certification is the only way to battle poverty but most young fathers do not continue their education.


Most teen fathers were raised in fatherless homes and do not understand the significance of his role, leaving them vulnerable for incarceration and other social problems!

How Can I Raise $2400 ($50 per week in Child Support) to Encourage a Teen Father's Goals of Higher Education or Program Certification and Break Generational Cycles of Fatherlessness?

Mother's Day Offering at Church
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