Adopt A Teen Mom

Why Should I Adopt a Teen Mother to Help

Keep Her in an Open Door Program for One Year?



Once a young mother graduates from high school, she can be put on a wait list upwards of 2 years for daycare, derailing work or higher education. 


A young mother will receive government assistance immediately creating dependency, poverty and entitlement. 


Without intervention, 1/3 of  teen mothers will become pregnant again within 24 months!


Higher education or program certification is the only way to battle poverty and less than 2% of teen mothers complete a college degree.


Most teen mothers were raised in fatherless homes and do not understand the significance of his role.

How Can I Raise $5200 ($100 per week for "gap insurance") to Support a Teen Mother's Goals of Higher Education or Program Certification and Break Generational Cycles?

Mother's Day Offering at Church
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